Climate change

Human induced climate change is no longer just a problem for future generations that we have a moral responsibility to address. It is already affecting all parts of the world, including Australia, and having effects across economic and social life.

LEAN applauds the commitments and achievements of Labor on climate policy. But now we see Tony Abbott trying to roll back climate action - at the very time it has become all too clear that we need to step action up.

LEAN seeks to work - within Labor and with other organisations throughout the Australian community - to create an unstoppable movement for the climate action we need.

Current priorities include:

  • Our Ambassador program - building capacity on climate issues throughout the party
  • The 19% plus campaign - building support for activating the next stage of the conditional targets adopted by Australia under Labor (and a bipartisan commitment that the Liberals are still notionally committed to)
  • Supporting Labor's defence of the Clean Energy package, including the Climate Change Authority and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • Helping defend the successful Renewable Energy Target.

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