Maps on this page have been generated from Coastal Risk Australia's site which uses Google Earth Engine and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report scenarios for sea level rise this century.

Maps show inundation levels at high tide based on a 0.74 metre sea level rise. In the Fifth IPCC Assessment Report (2013/14) this was regarded as a high end scenario for 2100.

More recent studies indicate that this level may be reached substantially before 2100, and that 2100 sea level rise may reach more like 2 metres, with far worse impacts accordingly. The Coastal Risk Australia website also allows you to model up to 2 metres sea level rise. We'll issue maps for that scenario next.

These maps make (very painfully) clear what Australia has to lose from sea level rise, and how important it is both to take serious action to minimise the amount of human-caused climate change, and to take seriously the need to adapt to the climate change we are unable to avoid. 

If you need a larger version of any image just go to Coastal Risk Australia and type in the location to the search box. Note the disclaimers on the site: these are predictions; reality may well prove worse without rapid climate action.





Coconut Grove



The map below shows the extensive tidal intrusion into Kakadu that would occur with 0.74 metres sea level rise.




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