Call on Labor to raise its emissions target to 19% plus!

Join the campaign now and tell Labor we need to get serious....

Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) is calling on the Labor Party to accept the recommendation of its own expert body and adopt a "19% plus" target for emissions reductions. We are asking LEAN members and other fellow Labor members to join us in the campaign.


WHY 19%?

Labor set up the Climate Change Authority in 2011 so that, as Greg Combet said, “climate change policy will be directed by evidence and facts, rather than fear and political opportunism”.

Back in 2009 Labor set the target for carbon emission reductions at 5% of 2000 levels and gave the independent and expert Climate Change Authority the task of identifying when this should change. The criteria it was asked to consider included changes in the the international context and the scientific consensus.

In late February 2014 the Climate Change Authority recommended Australia raise its emission reduction target to 19% below 2000 levels by 2020.

The Labor Environment Action Network calls on Labor to heed the call of its own experts and make “19% plus” Labor policy. It is the right thing to do and history will judge us well. Furthermore it shows the inadequacy of Abbott’s proposals and makes stark the difference in the two major parties’ commitment to this key challenge.


We are asking Labor members to pass resolutions at their branches and Federal Electoral Councils See how here

To read more about the background: what the Climate Change Authority is and what its recommendations say See here

News: Climate Authority reports

The Climate Change Authority was set up as part of Labor’s Clean Energy Package legislation to provide expert advice on carbon pricing and climate policy. The Climate Change Authority is an independent authority, and it can’t be ordered to follow an agenda set by someone in the Prime Minister’s office. Tony Abbott has shown already he hates accountability, and is trying to abolish the Authority. The Labor team in the Senate is defending the Authority.

Now (27 February 2014), as required under Labor's legislation, the Authority has issued its report on emissions reductions targets and recommended that Australia increase its 2020 and 2050 targets. Labor has committed to responding seriously. The climate emergency demands no less. 

Labor stands firm on Climate Change

Poster: "We can look our children in the face and say: when  we had the chance to do something, we did": Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition

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LEAN believes the ALP is the only progressive party in Australia that can form government, so must lead the debate in Australia on environmental policy.

LEAN cares about climate change and the integrity of our natural systems.

LEAN believes that good people working hard, collectively can change the culture and direction of the ALP.