LEAN social media highlights

This page notes items from LEAN's Twitter account @LEANAustralia and Facebook page @LEANAustralia

March 2017

February 2017

  • Publicised ANU study on feasibility of wind; solar and hydro storage grid
  • Publicised Bill Shorten energy policy speech and other statements confirming Labor's 50% by 2030 commitment
  • Welcomed passage of Vic Climate Act
  • Noted APRA warning on climate and responsibilities of banks, investment managers
  • Publicised Joel Fitzgibbon comments re Hunter and energy transition
  • Publicised analysis that Turnbull govt new coal power stations would push up power prices
  • Tweeted regularly on Turnbull government's false misleading and deceptive behaviour in House of Representatives question time (most popular, Scott Morrison's Great Block of Coal Swindle )

January 2017

December 2016

  • Contrasted UK Conservatives support for UK Climate Change Act to Victorian Libs opposition to updating Vic Climate Change Act including targets on emissions cuts 
  • Backed CFMEU, AMWU calls for focus on worker safety in heatwave conditions
  • Highlighted reports of Australia as worst performing developed country on habitat loss
  • Highlighted Wentworth Group Accounting for Nature report of trial of environmental accounts
  • Highlighted Federal Labor opposition to public funding for Adani’s Galilee Basin coal mine
  • Noted announcement that Delhi metro trains to be 100% renewable powered by mid 2017
  • Noted proposal for export of WA solar energy to Indonesia
  • Noted launch of ACT electric vehicle plan; highlighted London commitment to zero emissions vehicles including buses
  • Highlighted reports backing Federal Labor’s proposed energy emissions intensity scheme to save consumers money including CSIRO and Energy Networks Australia
  • Welcomed election of LEAN National Organiser Ella Factor to Labor National Policy Forum

November 2016

  • Highlighted LEAN annual conference
  • Condemned NSW Lib / Nat government repeal of Labor’s landclearing protections and welcomed NSW Labor commitment to reinstate them
  • Highlighted Senate Committee report recommending comprehensive energy transition plan including energy transition authority just transitions
  • Highlighted ANU modelling of possible shape of Australian electricity market with 100% renewables
  • Noted Vic Climate Change Bill 2016 including net zero 2050 target and interim targets
  • Welcomed Victorian Labor introducing ban on fracking
  • Defended renewable energy against continued efforts by Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce to blame renewables for blackouts when SA storm knocked down multiple transmission towers
  • Live tweeted National Environmental Law Association conference including:
    • Big picture on climate from Tim Flannery
    • Updates on APEEL review of environmental law - technical papers due for release January 2017
    • Reviews of Environmental Protection Authority structures in Vic, NSW, WA
    • Corporate law liability and climate risks
    • Restorative justice approaches and environmental law
    • Abandoned mine rehabilitation
    • Lack of security of funding and legal status for Indigenous Protected Areas and rangers program
    • Retrograde moves in NSW biodiversity protection including re conservation on private land
    • Importance of EDOs and merits review in environmental law
    • Tweets from ACTU Just Transitions conference
    • Noted NSW climate plan doesn’t include 2030 targets or mention landclearing.
    • Highlighted launch of Beyond Zero Emissions electric vehicles report

October 2016 

  • Highlighted Peter Garrett speech on Labor environment leadership and LEAN
  • Defended renewable energy against efforts by Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce to blame renewables for blackouts when SA storm knocked down multiple transmission towers
  • Noted Dutch railways aiming for 100% renewable energy by 2017
  • LEAN Queensland reports on achievements at Qld Labor Conference 2016
  • Celebrated ACT Labor renewed mandate for 100% renewable energy
  • Featured pro-clean energy speeches from Labor members in House of Representatives debate (Oct 12)
  • Noted climate resilience focus in Vic draft infrastructure strategy 
  • Highlighted Queensland draft report on credible pathways to 50% renewables showing cost neutral
  • Highlighted commitment to renewable energy targets in WA Labor platform

September 2016

  • Defended renewable energy against efforts by Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce, media sections to blame renewables for blackouts when SA storm knocked down multiple transmission towers
  • Highlighted need for just transitions in context of Hazelwood power station closure
  • Welcomed Labor saving $800million of ARENA funding and noted Labor MPs acknowledgment of LEAN role in achieving it

August 2016

  • Noted Climate Change Authority recommended electricity emissions intensity scheme; questioned if Craig Kelly MP would allow it
  • Celebrated Victorian Labor Government banning fracking
  • Publicly called for support for ARENA funding following private representations and Senate submission
  • Publicised Northern Territory Labor climate and environment commitments

July 2016

  • Contested Lib/Murdoch media scare campaign against SA renewables
  • Publicised Felicity Wade article on climate and environment in Labor values and role of climate courage in Federal Labor's return to form

May - June 2016

  • Publicised Labor's strongest ever Federal environment policy including commitment to consider national Environment Protection Authority
  • Publicised Federal Labor's climate policies 
  • Celebrated ScoMo's attack ad against LEAN
  • Worked with Labor candidates across Australia - including launching LEAN Townsville with Cathy O'Toole, Labor's narrowest win

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