ACT Interim Charter

LEAN ACT Charter


The purpose of this document is to give direction to the LEAN ACT Executive. At all times the National Constitution of LEAN will be the overriding governance document.



The name of the organisation is ‘Labor Environment Action Network (ACT Branch)’ hereafter known as ‘LEAN ACT’

LEAN ACT is a voluntary non-for-profit unincorporated association



LEAN ACT’s Objectives are:

  1. To drive environmental protection and sustainability
  2. To put environmental protection and sustainability at the centre of Labor’s culture, values and party platform
  3. To ensure the Australian Labor Party (ALP) is the leading party of the environment in ACT and Australia


Executive Make up


The LEAN ACT Executive shall consist of:


Two co-convenors, one of whom must be a woman

5 General Executive members, affirmative action applies


Any additional office bearers as decided by the executive shall come from the general executive members.


The Executive is empowered to carry out the functions of LEAN ACT between meetings

Only the Executive is authorised to make public statements or issue press releases on behalf of LEAN.

The Executive shall maintain the LEAN membership register.


Current Office Bearers shall be:

A Campaign Organiser whose role shall consist of Volunteer Induction and Coordination, as well as liaising with the National Campaign Organiser on National Campaigns

A Secretary whose role shall consist of taking minutes of Executive and General Meetings

A treasurer whose role shall consist of keeping track of LEAN ACT’s finances in line with the requirements of National Office.


These shall be elected at the first executive meeting after the AGM.


Executive Meetings


Shall be chaired by one of the co-convenors

Shall be conducted on a minimum monthly basis

Quorum shall be 50% + 1 of all filled positions.




Membership of LEAN is open to all members of the ACT Branch of the ALP

Membership of LEAN is open to all residents of ACT who are prepared to accept LEAN’s objectives and who have associations with no other Australian political party

Members of LEAN must not actively oppose the ALP or the ALP’s Official Candidate during an election

Individuals who have been expelled from the ALP are ineligible for LEAN Membership


Joining LEAN ACT

A person must personally apply to join LEAN ACT by:

  1. Completing a membership application form
  2. Submitting that form to LEAN (either electronically, in person or via post)
  3. Pay any membership fee as determined by the Executive


National affiliation

LEAN ACT supports a National LEAN structure for the promotion of LEAN ACT’s objectives for Federally related issues and policies.

LEAN ACT will contribute to LEAN Nationally by:

  1. Appointing delegates or convenors to LEAN Australia
  2. Affiliating to LEAN Australia if required
  3. Contributing financially to LEAN Australia if required


General Meetings

Shall be held quarterly

Shall have at least 7 days notice

May be held in conjunction with policy forums as determined by the executive or co-convenors

Quorum for a General Meeting shall be 7 or 50%+1 whichever is lesser.


Annual General Meeting

May be considered one of the quarterly meetings

Shall have at least 7 days notice

Quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 7 or 50%+1 whichever is lesser.

Shall consist of as a minimum: report backs from office bearers and Executive elections.

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