LEAN works on campaigns to promote environmental protection and climate action within the Labor Party.

We are not just another environmental organisation. Our mission is specific to the Labor Party. We aim to build the constituency within the Party to drive change at both the level of members and parliamentarians as well as within Labor's partners, the union movement.

LEAN also works to support the Party in winning the argument for environmental change within the community. We will work with candidates on the ground to rebuild community support for action on climate change, dispelling the uncertainty in the electorate's mind created by the lies of Abbott's successful scare campaign against the carbon price.

LEAN works to support environmentally concerned candidates with campaign support.

LEAN also works to build the links between civil society organisations and the Labor Party. We cannot protect Australia's environment without stronger alliances with environmental groups and constituencies. Labor is the only political party that can deliver environmental reform so we must work in partnership with the environment sector to deliver great outcomes together.

Campaign Focus

LEAN has campaigns at both the state and Federal level. At the Federal level our two key concerns are:

  • Strong and inspiring action on climate change
  • Building a regulatory system robust enough to protect our natural assets

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