Rebuilding Australia



2020 can only be described as unprecedented. The urgent need to address climate change and a horrifying bushfire season has dovetailed with a worldwide pandemic leaving millions of Australians under-employed or in crisis. And many more Australians are uncertain about their future.

What’s more, loss of habitat, degraded water and air quality and overwhelming plastic waste threaten a diminished future.

Although it is an extremely challenging time, there is also great opportunity to fast-track our economy towards zero emissions and create a resilient economy to address Australia’s long-term needs.

The good news is that Australia, by responding to these issues, has the potential to power a prosperous future for all Australians. We can do this by taking advantage of our natural assets in renewable energy and resources. However this can only happen with active government leadership, smart investment in the economy region by region, and adequate resourcing. We have long been considered the lucky country and with the right government direction and diversification of industries we are well placed to retain this title.

We just need a Labor government to plan, lead, invest and maximise on our natural advantages - that is the good news story we need to tell.

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Labor Member Statement or Branch Motion

I/we call on the Federal Labor Party to adopt a plan that cares for the environment, takes real action on climate change and creates secure jobs. We want Australia to be a Renewable Energy Superpower and government action to make it so.

I/we believe climate action is core Labor business. Only Labor can lead Australia through this. We call on Labor to:



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