Climate Action is Core Labor Business


Climate change threatens our way of life. It is impacting our weather, our environment and our economy. These escalating impacts will be felt unevenly by Australians. It can be hard to contemplate this challenge when the world is experiencing the upheaval of a global pandemic and so many Australians are exposed and feeling uncertain.

The good news is that acting to arrest climate change will create unprecedented economic opportunity for Australia. In a world shifting toward cleaner sources of power, we could be a Renewable Energy Superpower. We have the best renewable energy resources on the planet. Our wind and sun and natural resources could underpin the creation of world leading new industries and manufacturing – including innovations like clean aluminium and steel. Read more about how we can become a Renewable Energy Superpower here. 

Climate action can be the bedrock of a more equal, prosperous and just Australia, our key competitive advantage in the global economy. 

But only Labor can deliver this vision. It requires the leadership of a smart, compassionate and active government. Public investment will be essential, as will fine-grained regional planning. It will require real investment in retraining and skills delivery, public ownership of key sections of the economy and genuine cooperation between government, business, unions and communities. It will require putting the national interest ahead of the market’s. And an active trustworthy government to guarantees communities they will be protected through this economic change.

The Liberal-National Government is not up to the task. Our Federal Government doesn't care about jobs and continues to leave Australia exposed to climate change with no protections against the economic and physical impacts that are inevitable. 

A significant minority of the Coalition do not even believe climate change is real. The government does not support meaningful international cooperation and undermines renewable and clean energy at every step. On climate change they have consistently put short term political interests ahead of the national interest. What’s more they do not believe in leading through strong and ambitious policies to transition the economy, they somehow believe the market will sort out the mess, leaving workers and their communities behind.

Labor must be the one to lead. While the politics of climate change are still complicated, Labor has a history of strong action and policy to address climate change. We need to maintain this leadership and build confidence that the party of great reform – environmental protection, Medicare, the NDIS and affordable higher education for all – will deliver ambitious climate policy in order to build economic opportunity and target inequality. We can inspire Australians with this vision.

LEAN has shown that when the Party membership raises its voice, the Labor Party listens. Last time we worked together we ensured the Labor party adopted world leading climate change policy. It is time for us to once again back the Federal Labor party, supporting our leaders to adopt ambitious, compassionate policy to ensure Australia responds to climate change creating jobs and economic opportunity.

What can you do?

  1. Sign up to the statement below that affirms you are a Labor member and you believe climate action is core Labor business. This is a game of numbers, we need to demonstrate broad based support in the Labor membership.

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Climate action is core Labor business

I/we call on the Federal Labor Party to adopt a plan that cares for the environment, takes real action on climate change and creates secure jobs. We want Australia to be a Renewable Energy Superpower and government action to make it so.

I/we believe climate action is core Labor business. Only Labor can lead Australia through this.

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