What is LEAN?


LEAN is a grassroots network of ALP members and supporters who:

  • Are concerned for the health of the planet. We care about climate change and the integrity of our natural systems.
  • Believe Labor is the only progressive party in Australia that can form government and therefore must lead the debate in Australia on environmental policy
  • Believe climate change threatens all life on earth and demands fundamental change in how we source energy and structure our economy
  • Assert that Labor's mission must be updated to include environment as a central pillar of its vision. Labor and its mission were formed when environmental concerns were non existant, a reformist party committed to equity must address the environmental imperative.
  • Believe that good people working hard, collectively can change the culture and direction of the ALP.


LEAN works to:

  • Influence the policies of the ALP and Labor parliamentary caucuses to support strong action on climate change and the environment.
  • Advocate moving to a low carbon economy in a way which reflects Labor’s values of social justice, decent work and strong communities.
  • Engage and mobilise ALP members around climate change and the environment
  • Develop dialogue and relationships with unions, business, think tanks, environmental NGOs and community organisations committed to action on the environment and climate change.
  • Promote and grow LEAN and ALP membership throughout Australia
  • We are non-factional, and welcome all Party members and supporters (who are not members of any other political party) committed to taking action on environmental protection and climate action.

bob_hawke_LEAN.PNGLEAN's purpose is:

  • to drive environmental protection and sustainability
  • to put environmental protection and sustainability at the centre of Labor's culture, values and policy
  • to ensure Labor is the leading party of the environment in Australia


LEAN's structure:

As the Labor Party is organised along State/Territory lines, LEAN also relies on State/Territory based organising. We work together on national issues, through a loose coalition called National LEAN. 

Contact your State/Territory convenors to talk about stepping up to make LEAN an irresistible force for the planet within the Labor Party. Find their contacts on the Get Active menu above.

LEAN's rules

See the current operational rules for LEAN NSW.

LEAN's National Rules are available here.

A special thankyou to ECOCERN who have donated 100% post consumer recycled paper for use by LEAN. Check ECOCERN's Australian made paper and packaging.


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