NSW State Conference 2022. 

The 2022 NSW State Labor conference is fast approaching. This October will be the first in-person NSW conference since 2018, and the last before the 2023 election. This makes it a key moment to help shape the agenda of an incoming NSW Labor government. 

LEAN is encouraging branches from across NSW to support three key motions in the lead up to this conference: 

  • A commitment to establish a Hunter Valley Authority. 
  • Strong policies to support the electrification of households. 
  • A recommitment to delivering publicly owned renewable energy in government.

If you are a LEAN member or supporter in NSW, please take these motions to your local Labor branch, SEC and FEC for their consideration before conference in October.  

Once you have, don’t forget to let us know by emailing us at [email protected] so we can keep track of which branches have supported these calls. 

You can find all three motions here, and a brief explanation of each below. 

You can see LEANs full submission of platform amendments here. We will have more information about our fringe events at conference soon, stay tuned! 


Publicly Owned Renewable Energy

The energy crisis Australia is currently experiencing is another example of the failed experiment of electricity privatization. Previously our energy system was built with public finance, operated for the public good and returned a dividend to the state. The transition to renewables offers an opportunity to use public investment to return some of these benefits to the people of NSW. 

At the 2019 election Labor committed to a state owned renewable energy company. It’s a commitment that is also in the NSW State Labor Platform. 

In 2023, NSW Labor must rise to the challenge of the crisis in front of us and renew this commitment to deliver a publicly owned renewable energy corporation that will publicly invest in large scale renewables projects. 

Household Electrification 

The electrification of household appliances offers significant savings to households as the price of gas rises, and the efficiency of electric technologies continues to increase. 

As renewables begin to dominate our electricity grid, electrification of households is one of the fastest ways to reduce NSW’s emissions - all the technology we need is readily available today. This will help us reserve the gas supplies we do have for industry, which will transition over a longer timescale. 

NSW Labor must ensure that the benefits of electrification are widely realised, and support policies to ensure that low income households, renters, and those in social housing are not left behind. 

This motion calls on NSW Labor to support incentives for low and middle income households, upgrade the energy efficiency of social housing, set a date for the phase out of all household gas connections and introduce energy efficiency standards and disclosures for rentals.

A Hunter Valley Authority 

The transformation underway in NSW’s energy industry is causing substantial industry restructuring that is impacting many workers and their communities. Labor must recognise the need for a new model of industry restructuring that is people-focused, committed to workers and communities having a seat at the table, and can deliver positive environmental co-benefits. 

NSW Labor must support the work of local unions and community groups such as the Hunter Jobs Alliance, and ensure local voices have a seat at the table regarding their futures.

This motion calls on NSW Labor to support the establishment of regional statutory authorities, firstly in the Hunter region, charged with mitigating the adverse impacts of coal closures on workers and regional communities. 

To learn more, read the Hunter Jobs Alliance report on the Hunter Valley Authority (HVA) proposal here

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