Maximising local job creation in clean-energy transport

Every day is another opportunity to take advantage of the awesome potential of a clean energy economy.

Owner of the Whyalla steelworks, Sanjeev Gupta, has made his intention to invest in renewable energy and battery storage in Australia very clear.

But just this week he's expressed his frustration at barriers to establishing an electric car manufacturing hub at the former Holden site in Adelaide.

We'd like to send a message to Mr Gupta and other forward thinking investors, that the Andrews Labor Government is ready to welcome businesses and innovators who can help build a smoother transition to clean energy and create local jobs. 

Experts say that Australia is about seven years behind our competitors when it comes to uptake of electic vehicles.

The race is on to catch up, and doing so could deliver a whole wave of job creation in advanced manufacturing, as Victorians get to work building the infrastructure of the clean energy economy.

Delegates to the Victorian Labor State Conference have a chance to give Victorian manufacturing a welcome boost this weekend, by supporting a motion proposed by LEAN delegates to maximise local clean energy transport jobs.

Support for the motion is building in the party, but we need everyone on board to get this important motion over the line.

The text reads as follows:


To seize enormous job opportunities and environmental benefits - and to place Victoria as an internationally competitive hub for clean transport manufacturing and innovation - this conference calls on the Andrews Labor Government to:

  • Establish a research & development centre focused on maximising local manufacturing opportunities in clean transport.

  • Plan a staged roll-out of electric vehicle charging stations, with a preference for locally built parts and locally sourced materials.

  • Prioritise procurement of electric vehicles where practicable, to phase out combustion engines in the Victorian government fleet and encourage growth in the second hand electric vehicle market.

  • Reduce carbon pollution and boost renewable energy by setting a timeline for powering Victoria’s public transport systems with renewable energy.

Moved: Sean Kellett (Kooyong FEA)
Seconded: Cindy O'Connor (AMWU)


If you’re a delegate to the conference, please encourage your comrades to vote in favour of this important initiative.

If you're not a delegate but you know someone who is, give them a call or a text message and ask them to show their support.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you can offer your support, please email: [email protected]


Join us at the conference:

We'll have an info stall all weekend and a panel discussion on Saturday afternoon as a part of the Fringe Program:


See you there and thanks for your support!

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