Branch Motion - New Laws with Teeth

500 local and sub branches passed a motion calling for environment laws with teeth in the lead up to the ALP National Conference in 2018. See the list here.

The following is the motion we are asking local ALP branches and all other party entities to pass in support of new environment laws with teeth. 

This branch calls on the Australian Labor Party to safeguard our unique natural heritage and environment on behalf of future Australians by creating new environment laws, and founding an independent, fully resourced, public agency for the environment, within the first term of Government.

This reform builds on Labor’s rich history of environmental protection.


Our current laws are failing to protect our natural assets, and create complexity and uncertainty. We need to update and enhance our environmental management to create opportunity and deal with today’s and future threats such as climate change.

The ALP must commit to working with First Nations people and the wider Australian community on the development and implementation of the Australian Environment Act, which will define matters of national environmental significance and enshrine federal leadership in proactive and systemic protection of our environment.

New independent and well resourced institutions will embed principles of democratic accountability and intergenerational justice. These institutions will develop and implement a National Environment Plan and will enforce the law.

For more information on what else you can do to amplify your commitment read the last page of the Campaign Document. Download here.



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