Future gas response

The Albanese Government’s Future Gas Strategy was released today. For many of those concerned about the impacts of fossil fuel use on our heating planet, some of its headlines caused distress. 

LEAN recognises that the transition will falter if we fail to ensure we have gas to provide firming to the grid, to be the feedstock for manufacturing processes and to deliver on contracts with our trading partners. This is real.

But LEAN is disappointed the Government is focusing so heavily on the need for new gas supply instead of managing down gas demand - a cheaper, cleaner policy priority.

Gas is currently the most expensive form of energy in Australia and we should be focused on moving households and businesses onto cheaper renewable energy and storage, which will reduce energy bills and increase reliability. While also reducing, if not eliminating the need for new gas supply. If we are focused on the interests of Australians then driving down gas use as fast as we can should be our priority.

The average Australian household will save $1000 per year by getting off gas. The savings will increase if we help them with solar, augmented with batteries. A large part of our supply problem can be solved by using the lever of easing pressure on household budgets. 

Promising that the Government will consider the demand side of the gas equation separately, unfortunately leaves this report looking like boosterism for the gas industry.

The Government should also ensure that any domestic supply shortfalls are met as a priority before any uncontracted gas is exported. As a major gas exporter, there is no excuse for shortfalls in domestic supply.


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