EAN Campaigns for Federal Election

LEAN phoning for Susan Templeman and Matt Thistlethwaite

September 10, 2013

LEAN across Australia worked hard on the Federal campaign effort in the lead up to September 7.

The stakes couldn't have been higher. We were trying hard to defend Labor's environmental legacy. Labor made significant moves to protect our environment by implementing a carbon price, investing over $10 billion in renewable energy and creating the world's largest marine park. We've got a lot to be proud of.
The Liberals environmental policies are little more than a joke. They'll rip up the carbon price and replace it with an inefficient, ineffective "direct action" policy. They will surrender federal powers to assess the environmental impact of projects and simply hope that the states do the right thing. And they'll put climate change deniers in the driver's seat.
LEAN worked to support Labor candidates who are strong advocates for the environment. Having environmental advocates in the Federal caucus is essential for Australia's future. LEAN worked on the campaign in Victoria and in Sydney had a cracker night, with 25 people making over 800 calls for Matt Thistlethwaite in Kingsford Smith and Susan Templeman in Macquarie. In Brisbane LEAN members hit the pavement in Moreton and beyond.

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