LEAN celebrates 30 years of strong environment action

LEAN celebrates 30 years of strong environment action

Bob Hawke interviewed by Peter Thompson

Labor activists joined together on July 26 to celebrate one of the most important environmental decisions in Australia's history, the protection of the Franklin River in Tasmania's south-west.  The High Court upheld the newly elected Hawke Government's right to halt construction of a dam on the beautiful and World Heritage listed river on July 1 1983.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke was interviewed by veteran journalist Peter Thompson and pointed out the importance of environmental vision to one of Labor's most succesful governments. The modernising of Labor begun by the Whitlam Government and continued by the Hawke Government had environment as a central plank of Labor's mission.

The new Federal Environment Minister, Mark Butler reflected on the importance of environmental action to Labor's past and future. LEAN joined with NSW shadow environment minister, Luke Foley to host the event. A good night was had by all.

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