Meet the LEANers (and lifters) - Louise Crawford

Louise Crawford is a LEAN volunteer in Victoria. She is part of the core organising group of LEAN in Melbourne and coordinates many of the branch visits that occur across the state to talk about the politics, economics and ecology of climate change. Louise brings a passion for the environment to her Labor party activism....

Louise_Crawford"The main two things you need to know about me is that I am a professional actor with a passion for all things environmental. Spending time as a kid on a farm left an indelible mark on my psyche particularly in regards to the preciousness of water. I am also one of those people who cannot sit by idly and do nothing. People have described me as workaholic but I prefer to say productive activist.

I trained with Al Gore last year because climate change is our greatest challenge and affects our ability to address social issues that I care about such as mental illness. I have chosen to work within Labor (the party with a proud history of environmental protection) because I believe we can implement the policies that will reduce our carbon emissions.

I am also on the path to becoming a politician myself. I just ran in the 2014 Victorian State Election for the seat of Brighton.

LEAN is about working with other like-minded people, learning from each other, advocating for strong action and taking the message to the wider community."

Lou as kid



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