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Scroll down to see the form to make a submission on the National Policy Platform. Read on for tips on filling it in.

The Labor Party wants to hear from members and supporters about its policy for next Federal election - let's make sure they get the message loud and clear on climate action!

Please fill in a submission - below on this page - to Labor HQ expressing your expectation that the Labor Party's key policy document (the National Policy Platform) is not a retreat from the strong climate action commitments in the current Policy Platform and includes tangible, credible goals for climate policy. 

The full platform can be read here. Please use the guide below to support LEAN's 50/50 campaign in making a submission. You can just cut and paste if that suits. Submissions are due by May 29. 

You can fill out all the personal stuff, here are some pointers for the rest. If you have trouble with submitting this form, which some people seem to - you can submit it through the Labor HQ site here


Platform Chapter Reference
CHAPTER 4: A Clean Energy Future

Subject of Submission
Labor leadership on climate action

My submission

I would like the 2015 Policy Platform to include a commitment that Labor will:

  • Ensure Australia sources at least 50% of our electricity from renewable energy by 2030
  • Reduce carbon pollution by at least 30% by 2025 and 40-60% by 2030 (on 2000 levels) as recommended by the Climate Change Authority.

These two proposals should be added in No 19 on page 66 of the Consultation Draft. 

I want Labor to lead the nation on climate action. We owe it to future generations. While Climate Change threatens so much we hold dear, climate action can also be an opportunity to stimulate investment, innovation and create jobs. We must ensure the 2015 Policy Platform does not weaken our climate action commitments in the current 2011 Platform. 

NB. If you have trouble getting this form to submit go to the Labor HQ site and submit directly there.  http://www.alp.org.au/2015_draft_national_platform


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