LEAN & Per Capita

Media Release July 30 2020



Public policy think tank Per Capita has entered into a partnership with the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) to work on applied policy development that will support Australian communities to achieve full employment in a low-carbon economy.

The focus for the joint research will be policies to facilitate ‘mission based innovation’ that builds strong regional economies based on low carbon manufacturing and employment.

LEAN Project Manager Louise Crawford will work with Per Capita researchers to produce a discussion paper for presentation at Per Capita’s Jobs for Australia conference later this year.

LEAN’s National Co-Convenor, Felicity Wade, said, “Per Capita’s focus on full employment seeks to realise the opportunity Australia has to become a renewable energy ‘superpower’. As such, it was a natural fit for LEAN’s commitment to developing bold, achievable policies to fight climate change while leaving no-one behind”.

Per Capita Executive Director Emma Dawson said, “By working with a grassroots organisation like LEAN, we hope to overturn the false narrative that acting on climate change means a loss of jobs and industry for regional, rural and suburban Australia.

“The opposite is true: the future jobs for Australian workers will come from the immense potential of investing in new, sustainable industries, and improving the pay and conditions of jobs in the ‘foundational economy’, where the essential work of caring and providing human services is done”.

The aim of the project is to identify strategies for state-led and locally embedded advice, direction and investment – both public and private – to drive development and create jobs.

LEAN Project Manager Louise Crawford said, “It is critical that we identify ways to engage local regional and outer suburban communities in this policy conversation, through the use of co-design and other participatory research. I’m excited to be working with one of Australia’s leading progressive think tanks to build grass-roots support for a shift to a full employment post-carbon future for Australia”.


For further information please contact Emma Dawson, Executive Director, on 0400 372 738 or email [email protected] or Felicity Wade, LEAN National Co-convenor, on 0408 246 444 or email [email protected]



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