LEAN is active in Queensland and would love your involvement.

To get more involved in Queensland please contact Peter Casey, Secretary Queensland: [email protected]

LEAN in Queensland has a variety of local groups including in Townsville, Darling Downs, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Bundaberg and more.

Here are their contact details:

LEAN FNQ (Cairns)                          Ann Kreger           [email protected] 

LEAN Gold Coast                             Josh Lyons            [email protected] 

LEAN Darling Downs                        Gillian Pechey       [email protected]

LEAN Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay     Thomas Whitton    [email protected]

LEAN Townsville                              David Cassells       [email protected]                                      

LEAN Bundaberg and Coral Coast     Michael Johnson     [email protected] 

LEAN Toowoomba                           Richard Stevens     [email protected]


You can take part online by liking LEAN Queensland on Facebook. LEAN Townsville also has a Facebook page.

Don't forget to also sign up below to keep up to date with our activities. 

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