Queensland Labor Environment Commitments

The choice for Queensland voters at the state election on November 25th is stark. For those who care about the natural beauty of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef and a safe climate for the future, voting for Labor is the only choice. 

Here are some highlights:


A re-elected Palaszczuk Government will end tree clearing in Queensland. Current rates of clearing, unleashed by the Newman Government put us in the top 10 countries for deforestation. We take our place beside Indonesia, Brazil and Malaysia for the worst deforestation rates on the planet. This unleashes million of tonnes of carbon each year.  Queensland Labor will put an end to the clearing AND provide alternative pathways for farmers with a $500 million carbon fund to support replanting and protection. See the full policy here


Premier Palaszczuk announced that a re-elected Queensland Labor Government will have no role in facilitating the proposed $1 billion loan by the Federal Government to the foreign owned, Adani Coal mine. Without Queensland Government facilitation the Federal Government's proposed tax-payer handout is impossible. Whether you are for or against the proposed Adani mine, Australians are not keen on public money propping up foreign corporations.  Read about the Premier's announcement here.


Queensland Labor are taking great strides in capitalising on Queensland competitive advantage when it comes to sun and wind. Powering Queensland's Future promises to increase renewable energy while protecting consumers by defending and expanding public ownership. 

  • Commitment to keeping the electricity sector in public hands
  • Reaffirmation of Labor's commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030
  • Commitment to create a "Clean Co" - a publicly owned energy corporation committed to protecting customers' interests and building clean energy
  • 1000MW of publicly owned renewable energy. LEAN is particularly proud of this having campaigned, alongside ALP members across the state to ensure the public are re-inserted into the energy debate. Renewable energy should not just be a profit centre for corporations.
  • $50 million toward a Solar Thermal Plant - exciting new technology which offers jobs and manufacturing opportunities for Queensland. 
  • $97 million to put solar on schools and improve their energy efficiency.

Read the whole policy here.



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