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LEAN social media highlights

This page notes items from LEAN's Twitter account @LEANAustralia and Facebook page @LEANAustralia

March 2020

February 2020

January 2020


December 2019

  • Contrasted Angela Merkel's New Year's message emphasising climate action with events here
  • Shared various tweets on scale of bushfire disaster and inadequacy of response
  • Shared MIT study indicating fugitive emissions may make natural gas dirtier than coal 
  • Shared news from Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis that in India new solar and wind is now 30% cheaper than existng coal power
  • Shared UK Financial Times editorial condeming Morrison government failure on climate change
  • Shared news that Department of Home Affairs incoming government brief in May 2019 called for coordinated government action on climate disasters
  • Shared report on Per Capita recommendation for a climate mission approach to industry policy to rebuild trust in government
  • Shared Country Needs People call for doubling of Indigenous Ranger and Indigenous Protected Areas as key part of enhanced bushfire response
  • Highlighted marine heatwave impacting mutiple areas in Australian waters
  • Noted that volunteer firefighting is not an approved activity for Newstart recipients.
  • Noted report that rooftop solar is taking pressure off ageing and failing coal power despite Libs hoping to blame blackouts on renewables
  • Shared news that exploding feral horse numbers in Kosciuszko a national disaster
  • Endorsed Mark Butler MP opposition for removal of nuclear power ban and call for disclosure to threatened communities 
  • Noted report that Morrison government which at election condemned 50% renewables by 2030 as reckless now relies on it as business as usual
  • Stood up against Greens political party attacking ALP on climate
  • Shared Kenneth Hayne view that company directors could not hide from taking account of and reducing climate risks
  • Shared Peter Garrett address to LEAN event in Sydney 
  • Defended the ALP's endorsement of Paris approach to emissions rather than the Greens new one, and questioned coal exports creating their own new demand in a falling market
  • Endorsed AlboMP call for PM to meet with former firefighting chiefs
  • Shared report of world's second largest ferry operator switching to electric vessels

November 2019

October 2019

September 2019

August 2019

July 2019

  • Published tributes to LEAN activist Ivan de Vulder
  • Noted predictions that transition from coal power will happen very quickly and called for Labor governments to take care of communities in the transition
  • Endorsed ETU position that nuclear power for Australia does not stack up on safety, environmental or economic grounds, and publicised nuclear lobby 20 preferred sites 
  • Publicised article noting Labor's post war reconstruction provides model for green new deal 

June 2019

  • Noted Mark Butler comment that climate change could be most profound driver of inequity globally, within Australia and across generations
  • Publicised BZE NT Energy Futures report including standed asset and other risks in backing gas
  • Welcomed NT Labor endorsement of $20billion 10GW solar export plan
  • Noted that China already has 426,000 electric buses; Australia has 26
  • Highlighted CSIRO Australian National Outlook indicating transition to clean energy cheapest option for Australia's ageing power system, and backing EV transition for transport
  • Noted commencement of pilot Victorian solar rebate program for rental properties
  • Publicised release of March 2019 APVI solar maps including 51 postcodes with 50%+ solar homes; 500+ with 33%+; 1000+ with 25%+

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019

December 2018

November 2018

October 2018

September 2018

August 2018

July 2018

June 2018

May 2018

April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

  • Publicised developments on plan to export Pilbara clean energy to Asia

  • Highlighted report via LEAN Vic on risks of ecosystem collapse w continued mountain ash logging
  • Publicised NSW Labor leader Luke Foley statements on environment as core to Labor values and achievements
  • Welcomed NT Labor policy development for 50+% renewables by 2030
  • Publicised EJA figures on toxic materials emissions from Liddell power station
  • Numerous tweets emphasising importance of Qld LAbor win for environment inc Qld Conservation Council endorsement of policy
  • Emphasised human health impacts of Nats undermining Murray-Darling water
  • Endorsed Richard Marles MP comments on importance of Pacific to Aust security and Aust gov climate inaction undermining same
  • Publicised 200th Labor branch (to that point) endorsing LEAN's stronger environment laws campaign
  • Welcomed LEAN co-founder Kristina Keneally as Bennelong candidate
  • Welcomed Qld Labor enviro and clean energy commitments including 1GW of publicly owned renewables, no public $ for Adani, and restoring tree clearing controls

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

July 2017

June 2017

  • Condemned ScoMo threat to blackmail States into removing bans, limits on fracking
  • Publicised Framework for national climate and health strategy 
  • Welcomed Luke Foley NSW announcement on public investment in renewables
  • Attacked Josh Frydenberg making a joke of loss of snow cover due to climate change in HoR June 19
  • Publicised launch and progress of LEAN Qld campaign for publicly owned renewable energy and storage 
  • Noted ANU study on SA pumped hydro
  • Tweeted Labor speeches in HoR on clean energy MPI 14 June
  • Publicised LEAN's position statement on Finkel report response
  • Publicised BMW statement on Fed govt inaction on vehicle emissions standards and EVs
  • Highlighted mapping of predicted flooding with sea level rise of 0.74 metres
  • Welcomed Jay Weatherill announcement dumping nuclear dump
  • Highlighted California hitting 80% renewable electricity (67% without hydro) 

May 2017

  • Publicised Labor opposition to CEFC money for coal
  • Promoted Joel Fitzgibbon FOI action on coalition agreement and climate
  • Promoted research on climate change and inequality
  • Promoted new mapping on sea level rise risk for coastal Australia
  • Opposed proposals for Adani royalty holiday
  • Opposed proposal for Export Finance and Insurance Corporation loan to Souh African coal mine (!!!)
  • Publicised UK LEAN (SERA) policy submissions and successes
  • Welcomed success of ARENA solar round and noted Labor and LEAN role in saving ARENA grants
  • Publicised S&P report: Aust stock market world's most exposed to carbon risk, stranded assets
  • Highlighted Bill Shorten MP Budget reply commitments to climate action, renewables investment, EIS, doubling indigenous rangers
  • Noted axing of National Climate Adaptation Research Facility funding and intention to scrap Climate Change Authority in Budget 2017
  • Noted Vic govt and AGL conclusions that new renewables + storage now cheaper than new peaking gas
  • Publicised Federal Labor backing NAIF money for Townsville hydro power not Adani railway
  • Publicised ARENA investment priorities inc RE exports
  • Publicised CSIRO development for hydrogen / ammonia / hydrogen inc for export

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

  • Publicised ANU study on feasibility of wind; solar and hydro storage grid
  • Publicised Bill Shorten energy policy speech and other statements confirming Labor's 50% by 2030 commitment
  • Welcomed passage of Vic Climate Act
  • Noted APRA warning on climate and responsibilities of banks, investment managers
  • Publicised Joel Fitzgibbon comments re Hunter and energy transition
  • Publicised analysis that Turnbull govt new coal power stations would push up power prices
  • Tweeted regularly on Turnbull government's false misleading and deceptive behaviour in House of Representatives question time (most popular, Scott Morrison's Great Block of Coal Swindle )

January 2017

December 2016

  • Contrasted UK Conservatives support for UK Climate Change Act to Victorian Libs opposition to updating Vic Climate Change Act including targets on emissions cuts 
  • Backed CFMEU, AMWU calls for focus on worker safety in heatwave conditions
  • Highlighted reports of Australia as worst performing developed country on habitat loss
  • Highlighted Wentworth Group Accounting for Nature report of trial of environmental accounts
  • Highlighted Federal Labor opposition to public funding for Adani’s Galilee Basin coal mine
  • Noted announcement that Delhi metro trains to be 100% renewable powered by mid 2017
  • Noted proposal for export of WA solar energy to Indonesia
  • Noted launch of ACT electric vehicle plan; highlighted London commitment to zero emissions vehicles including buses
  • Highlighted reports backing Federal Labor’s proposed energy emissions intensity scheme to save consumers money including CSIRO and Energy Networks Australia
  • Welcomed election of LEAN National Organiser Ella Factor to Labor National Policy Forum

November 2016

  • Highlighted LEAN annual conference
  • Condemned NSW Lib / Nat government repeal of Labor’s landclearing protections and welcomed NSW Labor commitment to reinstate them
  • Highlighted Senate Committee report recommending comprehensive energy transition plan including energy transition authority just transitions
  • Highlighted ANU modelling of possible shape of Australian electricity market with 100% renewables
  • Noted Vic Climate Change Bill 2016 including net zero 2050 target and interim targets
  • Welcomed Victorian Labor introducing ban on fracking
  • Defended renewable energy against continued efforts by Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce to blame renewables for blackouts when SA storm knocked down multiple transmission towers
  • Live tweeted National Environmental Law Association conference including:
    • Big picture on climate from Tim Flannery
    • Updates on APEEL review of environmental law - technical papers due for release January 2017
    • Reviews of Environmental Protection Authority structures in Vic, NSW, WA
    • Corporate law liability and climate risks
    • Restorative justice approaches and environmental law
    • Abandoned mine rehabilitation
    • Lack of security of funding and legal status for Indigenous Protected Areas and rangers program
    • Retrograde moves in NSW biodiversity protection including re conservation on private land
    • Importance of EDOs and merits review in environmental law
    • Tweets from ACTU Just Transitions conference
    • Noted NSW climate plan doesn’t include 2030 targets or mention landclearing.
    • Highlighted launch of Beyond Zero Emissions electric vehicles report

October 2016 

  • Highlighted Peter Garrett speech on Labor environment leadership and LEAN
  • Defended renewable energy against efforts by Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce to blame renewables for blackouts when SA storm knocked down multiple transmission towers
  • Noted Dutch railways aiming for 100% renewable energy by 2017
  • LEAN Queensland reports on achievements at Qld Labor Conference 2016
  • Celebrated ACT Labor renewed mandate for 100% renewable energy
  • Featured pro-clean energy speeches from Labor members in House of Representatives debate (Oct 12)
  • Noted climate resilience focus in Vic draft infrastructure strategy 
  • Highlighted Queensland draft report on credible pathways to 50% renewables showing cost neutral
  • Highlighted commitment to renewable energy targets in WA Labor platform

September 2016

  • Defended renewable energy against efforts by Malcolm Turnbull, Barnaby Joyce, media sections to blame renewables for blackouts when SA storm knocked down multiple transmission towers
  • Highlighted need for just transitions in context of Hazelwood power station closure
  • Welcomed Labor saving $800million of ARENA funding and noted Labor MPs acknowledgment of LEAN role in achieving it

August 2016

  • Noted Climate Change Authority recommended electricity emissions intensity scheme; questioned if Craig Kelly MP would allow it
  • Celebrated Victorian Labor Government banning fracking
  • Publicly called for support for ARENA funding following private representations and Senate submission
  • Publicised Northern Territory Labor climate and environment commitments

July 2016

  • Contested Lib/Murdoch media scare campaign against SA renewables
  • Publicised Felicity Wade article on climate and environment in Labor values and role of climate courage in Federal Labor's return to form

May - June 2016

  • Publicised Labor's strongest ever Federal environment policy including commitment to consider national Environment Protection Authority
  • Publicised Federal Labor's climate policies 
  • Celebrated ScoMo's attack ad against LEAN
  • Worked with Labor candidates across Australia - including launching LEAN Townsville with Cathy O'Toole, Labor's narrowest win

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