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Mark Butler was Labor's climate change spokesperson for eight years. He was shifted to Health late last week. Throughout his time as shadow minister, Mark championed the battle for a safe climate. He showed a razor sharp understanding of the threat of climate change and its possible solutions, he was courageous and clear in leading the party with ambitious policy. 

People who have taken on the fight for a safe climate in Australian politics deserve our gratitude. It's always good to acknowledge a job well done. 

If you want to say thank you, please add your name and message to LEAN's thank you card.  We will collect all the messages and deliver them in a mega-card to Mark.

(And why not pass this onto a friend - it would be good to gather all the appreciation we know is floating around out there!)
(Image: Mark Butler and LEAN members celebrating 50% renewables in 2016)

Dear Mark 

Thank you for your work as Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy.
You have been a great champion for a safer climate and a better Australia.

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