Abbott's Absurdities Exposed

Index of Bulletins 

These Bulletins, from Labor hero and former Climate Change Minister Greg Combet, chronicle and expose some of Tony Abbott's astonishing campaign of recklessly false claims about carbon pricing and its impacts.

  • Bulletin no. 5228 May 2013 
    Climate denial statements from Tony Abbott; fact sheet on how the carbon price is actually working
  • Bulletin no. 5117 May 2013 
    Tony Abbott admits he can't guarantee electricity prices will go down as he claimed
  • Bulletin no. 5011 April 2013
    Tony Abbott's false claims demolished on impact of carbon price on car manufacturing
  • Bulletin no. 4911 March 2013 
    Greg Hunt retracts Tony Abbott's promise to abolish "draconian new police force chasing an invisible, odourless, weightless, tasteless substance" Clean Energy Regulator
  • Bulletin no. 48:  26 February 2013 (Chris Evans)
    Details Coalition backflips on whether and how "Direct Action" would include penalities
  • Bulletin no. 47:  26 February 2013 (Chris Evans)
    Greg Hunt and Joe Hockey contradict each other on whether "Direct Action" will compensate businesses who have made clean energy investments; Tony Abbott hasn't read his own policy
  • Bulletin no. 4614 February 2013 (Chris Evans)
    Exposes Tony Abbott verballing the President of the United States. Tony Abbott untruthfully claims President Obama ruled out an emissions trading scheme when, in fact, the US President did exactly the opposite
  • Bulletin no. 4527 November 2012 
    Corrects false and misleading claims in Tony Abbott's "A Strong Australia"
  • Bulletin no. 4426 November 2012 
    Responds to the false claims and aggressive negativity of Tony Abbott's scare campaign
  • Bulletin no. 435 November 2012 
    Barnaby Joyce's "half million dollar cow" claim, and the facts
  • Bulletin no. 4215  November 2012 
    Californian ETS kicks off; Australia not "acting alone" as Tony Abbott claims
  • Bulletin no. 415 November 2012  
    September 2012 Producer Price Index shows Tony Abbott claim misleading that carbon price would increase cost of key manufactured inputs and materials used throughout industry. Prices of goods mentioned by Tony Abbott either only increased moderately or actually fell.
  • Bulletin no. 4017 October 2012 
    CPI figures show scare campaign wrong on carbon price impact on cost of living
  • Bulletin no. 3913 October 2012 
    Exposes misleading claims by coalition MPs on legislation linking Australia's carbon price to international markets
  • Bulletin no. 389 October 2012 
    Exposes deceptive claims in Parliament by Tony Abbott about an electricity bill 
  • Bulletin no. 37: 27 September 2012 
    Exposes another dishonest attack about the impact of carbon pricing on electricity bills; and Tony Abbott adding "an octopus" to his carbon price menagerie 
  • Bulletin no. 3626 September 2012 
    Tony Abbott dives in the shallow end - fails to mention that compensation offsets swimming pool costs, or the uncompensated increases in power network costs from State governments
  • Bulletin no. 3521 September 2012 
    Tony Abbott tries to mislead people in Western Sydney on carbon pricing and power bills and then has his office airbrush the transcript
  • Bulletin no. 3420 September 2012 
    Tony Abbott tries to mislead people in Western Sydney on carbon pricing and power bills 
  • Bulletin no. 335 September 2012 
    Tony Abbott pretends Coalition never had policy of paying old and inefficient power stations to close
  • Bulletin no.32: 28 August 2012
    Tony Abbott falsely states "“There are no developing carbon markets in the Asia-Pacific”. Bulletin notes markets in place or developing in Korea, China, California, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam.
  • Bulletin no.3125 August 2012 
    Tony Abbott admits to Tasmanian Liberal Party meeting "the initial impact of the carbon price may not be absolutely catastrophic" - depite his claims for previous 18 months
  • Bulletin no.30: 22 August 2012 
    Liberal member Sharman Stone joins in, exaggerates carbon price impacts on dairy industry
  • Bulletin no. 2922 August 2012
    Exposes coalition technniques for exaggeration of small business impacts of carbon pricing: (1) refer to dollar figures not percentage of turnover (generally 0.2%); (2) blame all electricity cost increases on carbon price; (3) selectively quote only one component of an electricity bill;  (4) falsely claim small business gets no assistance; (5) ignore household assistance package for customers.
  • Bulletin no.281 August 2012  
    Exposes Tony Abbott's deceptive claims on Tasmanian radio
  • Bulletin no.2731 July 2012  
    Tony Abbott makes false claims about impact of carbon pricing on refrigerant gases
  • Bulletin no.2613 July 2012 
    While Tony Abbott visits the US and China he should learn that he is wrong that Australia is "acting alone" with a carbon price
  • Bulletin no.2512 July 2012 
    Tony Abbott misleads the public, again, on refrigerants and the carbon price. Also fails to mention the Clean Technology Food and Foundries program (once in government they abolish this, but they also claim credit for its results e.g. Bob Baldwin MP re solar at Drayton's Wineries Feb 2014)
  • Bulletin no.2411 July 2012
    Tony Abbott misleads about the price of fish, and lies about fuel for trawlers
  • Bulletin no.2310 July 2012
    Tony Abbott makes false claims about impact of carbon pricing on grocery prices
  • Bulletin no.228 July 2012
    Tony Abbott falsely claims (1) that the world is moving away from emissions trading schemes; (2) that Australia will have the world's biggest carbon tax; (3) that Australia is exposing itself to economic danage without doing any environmental good. Greg Combet shows these claims to be falsehoods. 
  • Bulletin no.216 July 2012
    Tony Abbott says Whyalla will be damaged by carbon price before it's damaged by rising sea levels. Greg Combet points out attempted retreat from " Whyalla wiped out" comment.
  • Bulletin no.20: 4 July 2012
    Tony Abbott falsely claims (1) that other countries are running away from emissions trading; (2) that Australia's ETS won't reduce emissions; (3) carbon price will be "an economic disaster". Combet shows claims to be false.
  • Bulletin no.193 July 2012 
    Exposes Tony Abbott's scare campaign on the carbon price and fishing
  • Bulletin no. 182 July 2012
    Tony Abbott falsely claims that other countries are walking away from an ETS
  • Bulletin no. 1730 June 2012
    Greg Hunt exposed for ridiculous scare campaign full of lies about carbon price on toast and vegemite
  • Bulletin no.1629 June 2012  
    Tony Abbott spreads negative myths about Australian economy in effort to talk down carbon pricing
  • Bulletin no. 1514 June 2012 
    False claims by Tony Abbott and his team exposed: (1) Claim that aluminium smelters face $23/tonne price false - for them it's under $1.30/tonne; (2) ETS an economic disaster: ETS overwhelming advice of economists and backed by the IMF; (3) Claim that LaTrobe power stations in trouble: Aust Energy Market Operator says no carbon price transition energy security problems; (4) Claim that Household Assistance Package doesn't factor in council rates and waste disposal: false - it does. 
  • Bulletin no. 1426 June 2012 
    Tony Abbott's claim that charities not assisted with impact of carbon price - false.
  • Bulletin no. 1321 June 2012  
    Tony Abbott pushed to (sort of) admit that State Liberal Governments have been major players in increasing electricity prices.
  • Bulletin no. 1219 June 2012 
    ACCC confirms that claims by Tony Abbott on impact of carbon price on house prices are false.
  • Bulletin no. 1113 June 2012  
    Claim by Tony Abbott that Household Assistance Package offsets won't increase but carbon price impacts will: exposed as false.
  • Bulletin no. 1012 June 2012 
    Tony Abbott shifts from alleged cobra strikes to alleged python squeezes. Still false.
  • Bulletin no. 94 June 2012 
    The only python in the carbon price debate is Tony Abbott's python called Monty.
  • Bulletin no. 830 May 2012 
    Tony Abbott falsely claims that carbon price will make it more expensive to run council trucks
  • Bulletin no. 714 May 2012
    Tony Abbott's claim that closure of Kurri Kurri aluminium smelter due to carbon price comprehensively disowned by company: "We have been quite specific saying that the carbon tax is not the reason".
  • Bulletin no. 624 May 2012 
    Tony Abbott and Warren Truss tell spectacular untruths about impacts of carbon pricing on refrigerant gases despite these gases having 1000 times the greenhouse impact of COand already being subjected to Howard era restrictions
  • Bulletin no. 512 May 2012 
    Tony Abbott exposed for exaggerating impact of carbon price on electricity prices
  • Bulletin no. 422 May 2012 
    Tony Abbott's blamed carbon price for Tasmanian manganese smelter suspending - even though BHP blamed high dollar, input costs and world manganese prices. BHP restarts operations after working with employees on efficiencies. 
  • Bulletin no. 318 May 2012 
    Western Australian Budget confirms Treasury figures on small carbon price impact on cost of living, contradicts Tony Abbott scare campaign
  • Bulletin no. 216 May 2012
    Tony Abbott misrepresents the Household Assistance Package, again 
  • Bulletin no. 115 May 2012
    Tony Abbott misrepresents the Household Assistance Package

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