Climate Clearing Cows - Land Sector Campaign


Our campaign to embrace Australia's land carbon opportunity. 

Australia has an incredible land carbon opportunity in front of us. We can can protect our native forests, restore our landscapes, expand our plantation base and create thousands of jobs in the regions.

We need a national strategy to guide this important work, and we need to move urgently - to 100% plantation timber and an end to broadscale land clearing before the next federal election

About a quarter of global emissions currently comes from land use, deforestation, and agriculture - this sector is a big challenge. But it can become a big solution. 

The only proven carbon capture and storage technology we have available today is photosynthesis. Achieving global net-zero emissions by 2050, and negative emissions beyond then will require significant nature-based carbon drawdown and storage. 

Just as Australia can be a clean energy superpower, we can be a global leader in land carbon and restoration. 

Doing so will have immense co-benefits for biodiversity and create thousands of decent jobs in regional communities. 


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What can you do?

  1. Pass the motion at your local Labor branch. 
  2. Make sure you notify LEAN at [email protected]
  3. Email the key Ministers & decision makers below expressing your support:  

If you want to know more, or discuss how you can get involved, email [email protected] 

Branches have already begun passing the motion - the branch count on this site will be updated regularly 

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