Climate change threatens Melbourne sport

Climate change is driving sea level rise. It's happening  - mostly because water expands as it warms, some of it from melting ice as well - and accelerating.

Images on this page are copied from OzCoasts maps for impacts of sea level rises, which map areas from Torquay around to San Remo.

As well as sports grounds, of course, the maps show a range of other impacts on communities.

In Melbourne itself and in suburbs close to the CBD,  sports grounds aren't quite so badly exposed to impacts of small rises in sea level as those in some other areas around Australia's coasts (Brisbane and South-East Queensland; Newcastle and the NSW Central Coast, Sydney; and Adelaide.

Melbourne, like Perth, does have a range of grounds at risk, which highlight the need for urgent action on climate change. And like Perth, where the WACA is one of the world's Test grounds most threatened by sea level rise, Melbourne has one standout venue under threat.

Around Melbourne and out around the bay:

  • The grounds at Elwood Park are just above the inundation level shown on OzCoasts maps for 1.1 metre sea level rise. Of course, without strong climate action now they will be at risk too.
  • Memorial Oval at Edithvale shows as fully inundated in OzCoasts maps of impacts of 1.1 metres sea level rise.


  • The Edithvale recreation ground shows as substantially inundated including the athletics field.


  • In Aspendale, Brown's Reserve shows as fully inundated on Ozcoasts map of impacts of 1.1 metres sea level rise.


  • Rossdale Golf Course shows as experiencing substantial inundation with 1.1 metres sea level rise


  • In Chelsea Heights, Beazley Reserve shows as experiencing complete inundation on OzCoasts map for the impact of .1 metres sea level rise.


  • At Bonbeach, the Patterson River Golf Club would be substantially inundated with 1.1 metres sea level rise


  • The western (turf) ground at Bonbeach Sports Reserve is just above the inundation level indicated on the OzCoasts map for 1.1 metres sea level rise, but the pitches to the east progressively have more of their playing area shown as subject to inundation.


  • At Carrum Roy Dore Reserve, both grounds show as inundated (one fully, one substantially) with 1.1 metres sea level rise


  • At Altona, the Kooringal Golf Club course shows inundation at one end with 1.1 metres sea level rise


  • Collendina Reserve at Ocean Grove shows on OzCoasts map for 1.1 metres sea level rise as substantially inundated


  • Ocean Grove Golf course is also shown as experiencing extensive inundation with 1.1 metres sea level rise.


Finally, here's an unfamiliar view of Flemington Racecourse. With a patch of blue for tides across the track. This is OzCoasts map for the impact of 110cm of sea level rise.


Do we really want to place this bet - that the rest of the world will just bail us out on climate change, and we don't need to even weigh in for the race?

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